The Illusion’s Reckoning – Mantra Vega

Review snapshots so far…

“A spellbinding album that isn’t just an impressive sonic experience, but also a beautiful, moving and thought provoking work of art”  ***** Metal Talk 

“A classy and serene debut” – Prog Magazine

“Intense and passionate… swirling atmospherics and gorgeous soaring melodiesHeather is on superb form. This album might contain her best vocal performances to date, displaying all the warmth and emotional depth on which her reputation rests” – Trebuchet Magazine

“Dramatic and powerful… Extremely well produced, perfectly arranged. A tremendous record, sure to draw significant acclaim from the musician’s broad following. Soaring over both the quiet verse and rich chorus, those familiar with Heather Findlay are certain to hear the further professional growth of her vocal work” – ***** Musical Discoveries, USA

“Melodic, beautiful music and meaningful, intelligent lyrics show why Heather is such a sought after vocalist in the music industry. A fantastic addition to your record collection” (95/100) – Femme Metal Webzine, Italy

“Melodic yet detailed… full of melancholy and beautifully arranged. Tension and mystery permeate with slow and steady crescendos, circularity of rhythm, and meaningful guitar breaks. This is not an album conceived to surprise or to pursue some avant-garde experiment, but highlights instead, the quality and teamship of the musicians with significant results”- Ages of Rock – Italy


"If you cant stand the heat...''

“If you cant stand the heat…”


'You'll always find them in the kitchen at parties'

‘You’ll always find them in the kitchen at parties’

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