Beyond the realms of summer wine

What a super fast year 2014 has been so far?!

Since the last post I made back in May, things have developed a lot with the forthcoming debut album from Mantra Vega.

Dave Kerzner made his first visit here in May when we jammed through lots of the new tunes together and captured some gorgeous guitars from Dave Kilminster and Chris Johnson (who both have new albums to check out!)

Dave Kerzner and I then worked hard at shaping up the demos ready for the drums and bass to go down which came together in early July when Alex Cromarty and Stu Fletcher went over to Dave’s studio in Miami where they recorded some incredible rhythm sessions!

Since then, as many of you will be aware, Dave Kerzner has been working pretty much around the clock finishing his debut solo album ‘New World’ – which we always agreed should take precedence. For those of you who haven’t yet caught an earful of ‘New World’, you can check it out here where you can pre-order the soon to be released masterpiece! The album also features a cameo appearance by me on a lovely track called ‘Into the Sun’ which gives a little taster of how our voices sound together.

Meanwhile I’ve really appreciated being given me the opportunity to take my time over refining some of the concepts and lyrics for our MV compositions (although Dave has also written some lyrics), and dreaming up and scribbling down artwork ideas and logos too.  I think we are pretty much decided on an album title now which is soon to be announced!

I’m finding the creative themes behind the album are really mirroring a lot of my own personal journey this year, which in itself has had one or two rather unexpected twists and turns, leaving me with a lot of gratitude for the freedom I have within this project to have been able to explore this musically. Dave has had a very intuitive approach to working with me which has allowed for what will be I think a very authentic, heartfelt piece of life art. (If that’s even a thing!) The amount of times that just the right piece of music has been mysteriously supplied by Dave at just the right time is a work of art in itself! I hope you will agree and very soon you will be given the chance to decide for yourself.

Moving forward, the Mantra Vega shape of things is likely to take form via single being released in the very early part of 2015, closely followed by the album itself when we’ll explore the prospect of doing some live shows with the possibility of appearances on both sides of the Atlantic being discussed.

You can keep in touch with what’s going on by either liking the our MV Facebook page, or by joining my mailing list here

In other areas of Fin World, I recently worked with John Mitchell (It Bites, Arena) and Steve Hogarth (Marillion) on a track for John’s current solo project Lonely Robot. I sang with John and Steve on an absolutely gorgeous track called ‘Why Do We Stay?’. Keep an eye on John’s Facebook page for more info. There is also a news feature on the project in the current issue (50) of PROG magazine.

Closer to home, I’ve recently been asked to work on a project with 3rd year music production degree students at York St Johns University which for new ideas provides me with a great research opportunity and perhaps even material I can share with you at some point too. More on that as and when!

There’s also a very exciting book illustration project bubbling up under the surface which I hope to bring you more information on very soon. It’s all go for the Faery Fin!

Speaking of scribbles, my art page on Facebook is now up and running too for anyone who’d like to keep a check on any new prints available. Please like and share 🙂

The HF shop has had a little facelift and now features inclusive p&p for all areas.

Wishing you all a very happy November as we remember and give thanks to those who are gone but won’t be forgotten.

Much love,

Heather xxx