Nightwish’s Troy Donockley to produce new Findlay album!

After months of battened down hatches, from out of the scribbling, picking and strumming came the ringing of a distant bell…

Yes, that’s right! After a (wobbly) late night conversation at the rock and roll wedding of the year on June 21st 2013, followed by much pondering, writing, texturising, absorbing of musical suggestions on my part, I finally received a phone call from Troy Donockley yesterday, confirming that he would be producing my new album!!

Troy Donockley

Troy and I have worked together on many an occasion over time, both in Mostly Autumn and when I sang for him on his gorgeous album Madness of Crowds in 2009 (I remember Harlan and my Mum joining me for this session as H was a just a mere dot back then!)

Harlan, (now 5!) said to me without pause when I told him the news yesterday at dinner, “What does that mean Mummy, will he be playing the ueilleann pipes on your album too?” Bless him!

Troy has recorded most, if not all of his glorious instruments of wonder on many of my songs before now and also contributed a wonderful string arrangement to Above the Blue in 2008.

By Alan Harris

By Alan Harris

As many of you will know, last year, Troy was made an official member of Nightwish which means that for him, the rigorous schedule is now set in stone: New album; 2 and a half years of touring; year off.


How lucky that my being ready to scoop up these new songs and pour them into an album coincides with Troy’s ‘year off’?! (Like he’d ever really get a year off…!)

To say I am excited is an understatement and I honestly cannot think of a better way to kick off 2014!

As with any album, before it’s finished its very difficult to say how it will sound but, I know that in our common ground, what we are are both aiming for conjures the use of words such as earthy, widescreen, beautiful, bohemian, magical and mysterious…

We meet in 2 weeks upon his return from Finland, to make a plan for preliminary sessions, with a view to begin recording proper somewhere between May and August this year. Meanwhile, mine is to tidy up my demos and put the wheels in motion for the rest of the year! 😉

On a personal note, Harlan, Drayke and I are now very settled in our gorgeous, cosy little home. An essential breeding ground for our creativity 🙂

Must share the cutest thing Drayke said over Christmas, “Look Mummy! Crunchy Nut Snowflakes!” My little lamb!

As always, beautiful people out there, thank you for your patience and support.

More soon!




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