O! Blessed era, home we bring!

Dearest All,
Fresh from the ink well, a little Saturday poem for you:
Abaft the horizon swelling,
Up, the rising moon
Vault of celestial light whispering, 
Of diamond dust a brume… 
Carried off, sparkling,
On airy golden wing…
Graceful and a bowing 
O! Blessed era, home we bring!


Scribbling this made me think of this painting… 
 midsummer eve hughes
One of my favourites by E.R. Hughes
Despite making various new releases of her own and cooking up musical concoctions on a variety of other musicians projects, since leaving Mostly Autumn in 2010 family life has naturally taken the lead for Heather Findlay as she vitally nurtures her two young sons through their formative pre-school years.
Thriving and with an ever increasing zest for independence their reigns have naturally loosened a little and with the loving support of family and friends, Heather is once again fully back on her creative path!
Well under way writing material for a BRAND NEW ALBUM Heather is to make one last salute in honour of her past. Allowing it to eclipse the future for just one last fleeting time, the Heather Findlay Band will be FILMING the show at De Boerderij in Holland on the 13th April 2013!!

Heather has been approached by an amazing director and crew and just could not resist the offer!!

”We are incredibly excited to be playing Holland and Belgium again. It has been way too long! I adore Holland and the Boerderij – it has long been my favourite venue…  in the world! To be putting my older material to bed like this makes me very happy indeed. There is no better resting place! Filming the show like this means that anyone who can’t make it can take us home instead! For anyone who can, what a souvenir?!”

”With Chris Johnson busy loving up his brand new gorgeous baby girl; finishing a degree at Uni AND polishing off the exciting final stages of his brand new forthcoming HALO BLIND record, (Phew!) sadly he can’t join us this time 🙁
But! We are incredibly excited that joining Alex, Simon, Stu and myself, Chris’s role in the HFB will be more than ably deputised by the awesome SAM FORREST! Sam is a hugely talented, incredibly original musician and writer/producer. In York there are always links between the musicians of one of the most fertile music scenes in the UK. This hook up being no exception, Sam and I both worked with Simon Snaize on his Structure of Recollection album in 2010!
Sam is doing a stunning job in rehearsals and we can’t wait to get on the road with him!”

Check out some Sam here:




Preceding plans to tour anew next spring,  Heather is also planning a ONE OFF EVENT to hear her brand NEW ALBUM – live in the UK later this year so stay tuned for your piece of the action!!

Meanwhile… Go on… 🙂 Get yourselves TICKET for the Boerderij show! It’ll be a very special night…!

Mini Tour 2013
April 12th – The Spirit of 66 – BE
April 13th – De Boerderij – NL (FILMED SHOW!)
April 14th – Bluescafe – NL
Muchos Amore!

H xxx