We’ve been The HFB, You’ve been wonderful ~ Thank you and Goodnight! :)

Well, what can I say after a year of domestic craziness, I actually managed to make it out on the road this year!!!

I am so very grateful for all who gave me their support in encouraging me back out there, when the biggest part of me wanted to lay low until I had had chance to let the dust of 2012, settle (and that’s a lot of dust)!

Unless you know me very closely, you won’t know just how much of a struggle the last couple of years have been and continue to be currently on a personal level and I thank you with all my heart for staying on board with your ever enquiring messages of support and seemingly unfaltering confidence in that when I do make the return which I am bursting at the seems to make, it will be worth every ounce of patience and compassion that you have invested in me meanwhile. All I can say is, thank you and please, go nowhere until you have read the next paragraph.

For the very many of you that made it to a show on this tour, you will know just how much the new Heather Findlay Band line up cooked! It is such a high energy, intensely soulful collective with such groove that I’ve never really experienced before. The whole thing has lifted to a completely new dimension and I am so excited to announce that we will be taking to the rehearsal studios come January to work on a brand new HFB album!!!

We still have tour dates being booked around the dutch show we have coming up at The Boerderij in Holland on Saturday 13th April 2013 which we are counting down the days to with gleeful anticipation, but for now I would like to acknowledge all involved on this winter tour that has just come to an incredible end!

Massive, humungous, joy filled thanks goes to my band o’ boys; Chris and Al, you absolutely rule – as always! Si and Stu, you just lifted the whole thing up into oblivion guys!

Thanks a million to my wonderful crew: Craig Rothery; (Sound) Jerry Bloom; (TM) Roger Newport (Merch) & Andy Smith (Lamps & steering wheel)! Without you I’d be, very quiet; stressed out; penniless and… invisible!! ;)) Seriously, you are the absolute best at what you do dear ones!

The Raggy Anns were such great fun to be on the road with! I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from them in the future. Thank you to Becca and Jacob guesting with us on this tour!

And what a treat having Angela Gordon back out on the road?! Not only with Odin Dragonfly’s fleeting return to the stage, but with her delightful guest appearances with The HFB! Thank you Kindly Mrs G ~ We must do it again sometime! 😉

Yet again, The Fin is a very, very lucky girl!

We’ll be keeping you posted here with updates of the shape of very exciting new things to come so please keep checking back!

I’ll also be filling up the gallery on here over the next week or so with some of the staggeringly beautifully captured tour photography I have seen so far. Please keep the reviews and pictures coming in. There is a real buzz from you out there! 🙂

So, it’s over and out from me with a big bright smile and a heart full of thanks.

H xxx