Project Announcement!

Heather is delighted to announce that she will be providing vocals for Rob Cottingham (Touchstone) on his new album “Captain Blue”, alongside Rob himself.

Please visit Rob’s website and Facebook for more information on the collaboration.

For thirteen years, Heather fronted Mostly Autumn, taking them from fledgling local hopefuls to international Classic Rock giants. During this time Heather cemented a reputation as a celebrated songwriter, mesmerising performer and awesome vocalist, possessed of a keen ability to communicate heart, power and emotion in her singing.

Heather left Mostly Autumn in 2010, and formed an elite band from the upper echelons of the rock world and is presently carving out a highly successful solo career, with a tour planned in November.

In a statement, Rob advised “I am extremely honoured to have Heather on board. I obviously knew of Heather and her great vocal talents, but it was when she and Chris Johnson were sound checking their acoustic set in Newcastle in October last year that her voice really drew me in. I was originally going to ask Heather to duet with me on one song, but then the more I wrote, the more I realised I wanted Heather across the piece, and sure enough her contribution lifts the vocals up to the headiest of heights.”

For more information about the Captain Blue album, please see and a promo video, which can be seen on the new website as well as on YouTube, here ‘’.

Progress can be followed on Facebook and on Rob’s artist page

You can also follow Rob on Twitter ‘’.

The album will be released on the Heavy Right Foot Records label in October 2012.