Becoming a Band…

My forthcoming release ‘Songs From The Old Kitchen’ is a record that captures the essence of a group of musicians in the embryonic phase of striking up that exhilarating, creative telepathy, which becomes the vibe we resonate as one; as a band.
Having just taken the festivals we’d played last summer by storm, we knew were on to something very special. The chemistry was rife! We were itching to play together once more, so we set ourselves the task of reinventing a bunch of my songs in as innovative a style as possible. Being an experiment, we decided to record it most unconventionally and with some degree of austerity in order to lose none of the vibe and atmosphere of the moment in the process. This is where Chris’s vibey old kitchen provided us with the perfect space for us all to sit together, feeding off one another in a very old school fashion.
I would like this record to conjure up the feeling that you were actually invited into that old kitchen with us to witness and savour, if you will, every string’s squeak, every breath drawn and every floorboard’s creak! These are the things we ordinarily treat as rogue noises that are to be avoided and cosseted away at all cost, and are generally eked out of the studio recordings to which we have grown so lovingly accustomed. I think that this is a record that has managed to hold on to a bit more of its soul as a result.
There is plenty of time yet for The Heather Findlay Band to fly the flag of slick production, but for now this is our opportunity to reveal to you some of that which you do not normally get to be party to. This is an honesty driven, ‘one take’, live session record that also serves to document an otherwise lost and often magical part of the integral process of becoming a band.
We filled a room with acoustic instruments. Most, unfamiliar. The crazier the better! We worked song by song from a thoughtfully compiled set list, picking suitable instrumentation from the pile as we went. We had no more than two run throughs then hit ‘record’. Not only did we manage to capture the raw live energy of five or six musicians jamming together for the first time, often on instruments they had never played on that particular track before (if at all!), but we managed to capture truly beautiful, inspired versions of my songs that came to be, there and then. Without words. Lead only by that special, old, telepathic chemistry, which I have been lucky enough to find exists here amongst the people I have chosen to be in a band with me.
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